Aarts and Culture

The Pandawan Festival made its debut in April 2008, showcasing many local talents as well as other entertainments. Tourists like to visit especially the water sport enthusiasts for jetskiing, boat riding and even bass fishing.

The memories and legends of the old town are depicted by Pantabangan`s child folk painter, Elito V. Circa on his Alamat ni Minggan (Legend of Minggan), using his blood and hair on his painting.

Jason Abalos is also known showbiz artist, a member of ABS-CBN`s circle of homegrown talents named Star Magic. He was discovered after joining Star Circle Quest, a reality show in search of new actors also hails from Pantabangan.

Tagalog is predominantly spoken in Pantabangan followed by Ilocano dialect. People of Pantabangan "Pantabangenian" are also known for their very distinct strong Pantabangan accent, called "Adyu-ari".

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