Educating rural kids for Arts at Marikit, Pantabangan

Pantabagan - almost 100 children participated during half-day art workshop. One of the beneficiaries of inspirational Actual Hand Painting Show and Art workshop in rural area like in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija built the confidence for simple kids. Creative kids start with their inspiration and appreciation.

Its include Rotary Club gift giving "Pencil and Crayon" simultaneous with 56IB 7ID AFP Medical Mission headed by LTCol Villanueva and assisted by Kabalikat Civicom 422. Doctors and Medicines was also sponsored by Pantabangan LGU thru Mayor Agdipa also plesent during artivity was Col. Ben Reyes, Dr, Dong Uera and Barangay Chairman.

Other organizations believe that the healing power of art. Many times professional artists, whose primary role is to bring light and joy to Medical Missions patients through artistic endeavors. From hand painting in orphanages, making drawing with children, artists of all kinds have become a successful part of the mission experience.

By harnessing two great passions - medicine and art, the volunteer group is making a difference in the lives of the world's forgotten in the smallest corners of the globe.

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