PHL to host 2017 international irrigation summit

CABANATUAN CITY, Nueva Ecija, May 31-- An international organization of irrigation officials has set its annual conference that will be highlighted by visits to various systems in the Philippines in November, a ranking official said on Wednesday.

Engineer Florentino David, department manager of the National Irrigation Administration-Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation System (NIA-UPRIIS), said the conference of International Network on Water and Ecosystem in Paddy Fiends (INWEPF) serves as a venue for irrigation officials from member nations to exchange best practices and experiences.

Such experiences, he said, helps each nation to uplift own service.

David, who also serves as secretary of the Philippine delegation, said at least 15 delegates from Japan, Korea and Vietnam have conducted an advance visit to some of the NIA-UPRIIS' facilities, particularly Pantabangan Dam, recently.

"We showed how we reserve waters for future use. For example, we have wet season operations which we were able to show them that before this cropping operations, we are doing some plans," he said.

The advance delegation also visited an irrigators association in Guimba town which excelled in managing their groups and in helping UPRIIS take care of system's facilities, he said.

"We visited the Pantabangan Dam and also the different structures, especially the Rizal Dam," he added. (Marilyn Espiritu-Galang/PNA)

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