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Mayor Roberto Agdipa


PHL to host 2017 international irrigation summit (5/31/2017) - CABANATUAN CITY, Nueva Ecija, May 31-- An international organization of irrigation officials has set its annual conference that will be highlighted by visits to various systems in the Philippines in November, a ranking official said on Wednesday. En . . . Click to read more

Ecija national parks get additional funds (12/15/2016) - The national government has set aside funds for national parks in Nueva Ecija. A total of P9 million was allocated for the development of eco-tourism facilities in Aurora Memorial Park in Maria Aurora, Aurora, part of which is in Nueva Ecija. The f . . . Click to read more

Educating rural kids for Arts at Marikit, Pantabangan (12/6/2016) - Pantabagan - almost 100 children participated during half-day art workshop. One of the beneficiaries of inspirational Actual Hand Painting Show and Art workshop in rural area like in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija built the confidence for simple kids. Crea . . . Click to read more